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1. 2023-Current:

~29,00,000/- by DST(SERB).


Title: Exploration of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs), Metal-Organic Gels (MOGs) and their Derived Materials as Electrocatalysts for Overall Water Splitting towards Clean Energy Applications.

2. 2018-2021:

~19,80,000/- by DST(SERB).


Title: Metal-Organic Frameworks and CPs of Organic Polymers: Exploration of Gas Sorption, Energy  Storage, Photopolymerization and Other Structure Relevant Functional Properties.

3. 2013-2016:

~54,00,000/- by DST(SERB)

Title: Design and Synthesis of Coordination Polymers and Coordination Induced Gelating Materials: Exploration of Gas Sorption and other Functional Properties.

4. 2009-2012: 

~49,05,600/- by DST

Title: Design of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials and Exploration of their Gas Adsorption and Disorption Properties.

5. 2007-2010:

~11,46,000/- by CSIR

Title: Crystal Engineering Studies on Derivatives Containing 2° Amide and Pyridine Functional  Groups:Design and Applications.


6. 2004-2007:

~18,72,690/- by DST-SERC

Title: Design of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials with Porous and/or Chiral Properties.

7. 2002-2003:

~50,000/- by ISIRD, SRIC, IIT (Kharagpur)

Title: Design of functional metal-organic framework materials.

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