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Our research aims to design and synthesize several functional materials by the utilization of crystal engineering approaches.  The judicious choice of hydrogen bonds, several other intermolecular interactions and coordination bonds are the key for the creation of novel materials with predefined structure and therefore desired properties. The extended framework structures via coordination and covalent bonds results in MOFs & COFs, respectively, with high porosity, selective adsorptivity, dye encapsulation and catalysis.  Also these materials exhibit excellent ability for post synthetic modifications to produce the materials otherwise can’t be synthesized and they display novel properties which are very different from those of the parent materials.  The hydrogen bonding or supramolecular synthon assisted cocrystals, organic salts and metal assisted organogels were also of our interest for their multifunctional properties which include SCSC [2+2] dimerization/polymerization reactions, luminescence and proton conductivity. Furthermore, synthesis of SOFs with intriguing photocatalytic properties for water splitting also is part of our research interests.


Photochemical [2+2] Polymerization of Metal-Organic Gels of Rigid and Angular Diene with Silver-Salts of Diverse Anions: Selective Dye-Sorption and Luminescence by Xerogels

Rajorshi Mandal and Kumar Biradha*

Coordination Polymers as Heterogeneous Catalysts in Hydrogen Evolution and Oxygen Evolution Reactions

Kumar Biradha*, Anindita Goswami and Rajib Moi

Image by Hans Reniers

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Welcome Swati Bedi in Structural Chemistry Lab as an Institute JRF!


Welcome Prantik Dutta in Structural Chemistry Lab as an Institute JRF!


Congratulation to Dr. Rajorshi Mandal for his successful Defense!


Congratulation to Dr. Karabi Nath for getting the opportunity at University of Michigan as a Post-Doctoral fellow.


Congratulation to Dr. Karabi Nath for her successful Defense!

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